Information and Rules:

- This is an online gaming tournament. Foul language and graphic content will be disabled for this tournament. Foul language from players will not be allowed during the tournament, and repeat offenders will be dismissed.

- May 29th at 7:00 pm EST (streamed live on mvmt youth's Youtube channel)

- Teams of three will compete in a battle royale format over the course of multiple games.

- The winning team will receive $300 in scholarships to Camp At The Peak this July (mvmtyouth.com/camp)

- Teams cannot change once the tournament has begun.

- An overall team K/D will be capped at 4.5.

- 2 middle/high schoolers are required for admission to the tournament. No more than 1 college-aged/adult player is allowed per game. 

- Points will be earned through kills and placement (higher placement is incentivized with a kill multiplier).


- Players can sign up either as a squad (preferred) or as a free agent. Free agents will have no input as far as whom they're paired with.