Serve On A Team

At Westside, we believe that we are all called to be servant leaders. Jesus sets the example by picking up a towel to wash his disciples feet and encourages anyone who wants to follow him to do the same. It is when we are serving that we look most like Jesus.


If you're a parent who's new to Westside, we recommend watching this short welcome video. After that, you'll want to join our "Parents of mvmt youth" Facebook group to talk with other parents. That page will also help you to stay up to date on events and the goings-on of the youth group. Finally, we want you to get familiar with the Discussion Guides. These guides are published every week before Collective, and they can serve as a perfect springboard to talk with your son or daughter about their faith.

Other Service Opportunities


Student Serve isn't for everyone, and there are a ton of ways to serve at Westside! We're pretty sure there's is a place uniquely designed for you. Fill out the form below to let us know what you are interested in and one of our serve team leaders will contact you within 48 hours.