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Our youth staff are not out to replace parents, they're here to partner with parents! Event he most involved youth in the church only spend a couple of hours per week at church. Compare that to the hundreds of unplanned hours they spend at home with their parents? It's not even close. Parents have an infinitely larger impact on youth than pastors. 


If you're a parent who's new to Westside, we recommend watching this short welcome video. After that, you'll want to join our "Parents of mvmt youth" Facebook group to talk with other parents. That page will also help you to stay up to date on events and the goings-on of the youth group. Finally, we want you to get familiar with the Discussion Guides. These guides are published every week before Collective, and they can serve as a perfect springboard to talk with your son or daughter about their faith.


We have a parents' Facebook group you can request to join here.


"ParentsTop5" to 554-98, and after putting in your name + email, you'll be all set.

Once you're signed up, you'll get a welcome email with an explanation, and then we'll send you this month's email (which is still 90% relevant).

Schedule A Meeting


Whether your family's new to Westside, or this is your 3rd child to come through the youth group, our youth staff is available. Whether it's for an introductory meeting, or to talk about something specific, you can schedule a meeting with one of our youth staff here

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