Sunday mornings | in the FLC


mvmt youth Lifegroups look very different this year!


To help us grow in our faith and reach new people, we've reorganized Lifegroups in a way that makes it easier than ever to invite your friends.


At 8:30,  9:30am and 11:00am on Sunday mornings, groups won't be arranged strictly by grade, but instead there will be a series of middle school and high school Lifegroups to choose from. 


After a preview period (August 8, 15, & 22) every middle and high schooler will need to register for a Lifegroup, and they'll remain a part of that Lifegroup for the rest of the semester.


Registration will open on Sunday, August 22nd at 5pm.


If your Lifegroup of choice is full, you'll need to choose another option. It's possible you may need to attend a different Lifegroup hour than you attended in the past.

LifegGroups happen every Sunday morning at each of our three Lifegroup hours - 8:30, 9:30, and 11:00 - where we simply do life together. You just choose whichever group works best for you. Everyone registers for a middle or high school group at the beginning of the fall semester and commits to that group for the following year. If you join us mid way through the year, don't worry! We'll help you find a group to connect with.


The Christian life isn't meant to be lived all on your own. This is where big church becomes small church, and lifelong friendships are made. In Lifegroups, we spend time studying God's Word alongside our peers, as well as a trusted leader. It's here that we learned to study God's Word for ourselves.

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