Collective is in-person + online

We know joining a new church or youth group can be intimidating. That's why we've done everything we can to make your first visit as stress-free as possible!


Collective is a weekly worship gathering for middle and high school students.You'll 

doubtlessly see some things at Collective that you've never seen before. It's not church as usual. 


When you come to Collective, you'll be welcomed by a group of students who are genuinely glad that you're there. After making friends in the lobby, the doors will open, and the service will start.

After that, we'll worship along with the band, play some games, then hear a message from God's Word, brought to us by one of our pastors. 

In 2020, we had to quickly learn how to do online streaming. And while we're glad that we can gather again, we know that sometimes things come up that keep us from worshipping in person.

That's why every week, Collective is streamed online via our Youtube channel. Watching online is also a great way to check it out before your first visit!

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