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Who We Are

mvmt youth is the youth expression of our church, Westside Baptist Gainesville. We're a local and online ministry for middle and high schoolers, and we're about "Jesus only, and only Jesus". 

Whether you've grown up going to church, or you've never read a Bible, there's a place for you here. 

Our generation is dealing with a lot. Loneliness, anxiety, stress, and depression are some of the biggest issues. But we believe that the gospel of Jesus is the hope and the solution for every single one of those problems. 

We have a lot of fun. We believe church should never be boring. But we're unapologetically Christian, and we're doing our best to follow Jesus.

Some of the Bible's teachings are controversial, and they rub us the wrong way. But we try to explain Jesus' teaching in a way that's gentle and understanding.

What We Value

We Over Me

We believe that we can accomplish more when we put the preferences and needs of others ahead of our own. So we'll do whatever it takes to reach people for Christ.

Truth Over Trend

We believe all decisions for life and behavior should be based on scriptural principles rather than the popular opinions, theories, and trends of our world.

Growth Over Status Quo

We believe that if we are not growing we are dying. So we are intentionally make decisions based on who we are trying to reach, not just who we are trying to keep.

Prayer Over Might

We believe in miracles. With God, all things are possible. Apart from Christ we can not do anything, so prayer precedes, saturates, and celebrates everything we do.

Meet the Staff

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